Friday, April 18, 2014

RE: Launch of ZZANTIQUITIES.COM Redeveloped Web Site

Hi Friends and Clients,

It has been long overdue, but we are pleased to announce the redevelopment and launching of our new web site:

We have organized the redeveloped web site according to the basic categories/divisions of our business, i.e. sale and export of:

Bulk Uncleaned, Unattributed Ancient Coins:

Attributed Ancient Coins (Bulk Lots, Bulk Hoards, as well as Individual Coins):

Bulk Ancient Antiquities:

Individual Fine Ancient Art:

We do hope that the redeveloped web site will be easier for clients to navigate and understand the information about the items and item-types of ancient coins, antiquities, and fine ancient art that we deal in and offer for sale/export in order to inquire regarding items that they would like to purchase according to their own unique, specific tastes and budgets.

We look forward to hearing from you!

kindest regards,

B. Leon
Z.Z. Antiquities, Ltd.
TEL:  +972-545-391-222

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